• Peter should have picked a peck of Papa's peppers.

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A Salute To Our Roots

We've partnered with three Warren icons to bring you something really special...

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A Family Tradition

The Pepper King

Fred’s love for peppers was passed down to his family… a family of culinary experts.  His son, Jeff, now wears the pepper crown proudly.  The Canzonetta family has chosen HIM as their Pepper King! After almost 40 years of learning from a series of countless recipes-- the masses have spoken. The mild, medium and hot blends are like no other peppers because they can be used in so many different capacities-- or they can just simply be eaten straight out of the jar.  These peppers are perfect.  And it takes EATING for BELIEVING!

A New Look!

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Pick Your Own Peck!

Mix and match your own bundle of our famous peppers! Choose 3, 6, 12, 18 or 24 jars and fill your basket with whichever flavor(s) you love most.

Enjoy quantity discounts after 6 jars!

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