Papa Canzonetta's

4 Pack - Big Papa Spices (9 oz)

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With our premium spice rubs, all roads lead to Flavor Town! Choose your own 4 pack of our Big Papa 9oz jars and save over 10%. Pick and choose your favorites and enjoy!

Cast Iron Cajun  Rub it… Cast Iron it… Blacken’ it! Our classic Nawlens blends of black, white and cayenne peppers + bayou spices kick up your favorite meat or seafood!

Premium Coffee Rub  Wake up your meat with this rich and savory blend of specially roasted coffee beans, ancho chile, cumin, black pepper, salt and sugar. Perfect for backyard BBQs, smokers, or cast iron skillets.

Yard Bird Yellow  Stop chasin’ your bird’s flavor! Rub it right with a perfect blend of spices, mustard and cane sugar! Great for chicken, beef or pork!

St. Louis Red  Rub it… Brine it… Dust it! Our St. Louis Red blends onion, garlic, peppers, sugars & spices to bring life to your favorite cut of piggy!