NEW! - Gourmet Pickled Products

We are looking forward to spicing up your summer with 3 brand new offerings that bring a whole new set of flavors and zest to your taste buds…

Let us be the first to introduce you to our Papa’s Bread and Butter Jalapenos, Spicy Garlic and Spicy Bread and Butter Pickles!

Never been bold enough to try jalapenos?!  Or maybe you’ve never met a jalapeno you didn’t like?! Well, prepare to fall in love with Papa Canzonetta’s Bread and Butter Jalapenos. These babies have the fire of a jalapeno, but with the sweetness of bread and butter pickles. It’s truly a winning combination! They really aren’t as spicy as you’d expect, but they still pack all the flavor; consider them ‘perky’ rather than spicy. 

Don’t think twice about trying a clove, or six cloves, of this classic condiment. The pickling process works its magic to mellow out the flavors which makes this a great sandwich, pizza, or charcuterie board addition. Papa Cazonetta’s Spicy Garlic is tangy in ways that will have you scooping up more than you would’ve imagined.

Pack a little punch with all the crunch of a perfect pickle with Papa Canzonetta’s Spicy Bread and Butter Pickles. These pickles will pick up your taste buds with a zesty flavor that will have you reaching for more. Add them to any sandwich, burger or just straight out of the jar!  Tasting really is believing; and we believe you're about to fall in love with these perfect pickles. 

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