Papa Canzonetta's

Bread & Butter Jalapeños

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Papa picked this peck of perky jalapenos just for you!

Never been bold enough to try jalapenos?! Or maybe you’ve never met a jalapeno you didn’t like?! Well, prepare to fall in love with Papa Canzonetta’s Bread and Butter Jalapenos. These babies have the fire of a jalapeno, but with the sweetness of bread and butter pickles. It’s truly a winning combination! They really aren’t as spicy as you’d expect, but they still pack all the flavor; consider them ‘perky’ rather than spicy. They pair well with any charcuterie board, tacos, burgers, or just straight out of the jar. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. They are wow-worthy wonderful.  Papa knows a thing or two about spice and all things nice, and these peppers are no exception!